Class REXML::Child
In: rexml/child.rb
Parent: Object

A Child object is something contained by a parent, and this class contains methods to support that. Most user code will not use this class directly.

bytes    document    new    next_sibling=    parent=    previous_sibling=    remove    replace_with   
:parent  [R] 
Included modules
Public Class methods
new( parent = nil )

Constructor. Any inheritors of this class should call super to make sure this method is called. @param parent if supplied, the parent of this child will be set to the supplied value, and self will be added to the parent

Public Instance methods
replace_with( child )

Replaces this object with another object. Basically, calls Parent.replace_child @return self


Removes this child from the parent. @return self

parent=( other )
next_sibling=( other )

@return the document this child belongs to, or nil if this child belongs to no document


This doesn't yet handle encodings