JBoss API: Package org.jboss.ejb

Package org.jboss.ejb

Interface Summary
AutoDeployerMBean Deprecated. Use org.jboss.deployment.AutoDeployerMBean
BeanLock BeanLock interface
ContainerFactoryMBean This is the interface of the ContainerFactory that is exposed for administration
ContainerInvoker This is an interface for Container plugins.
ContainerInvokerContainer This is an interface for Containers that uses ContainerInvokers.
ContainerPlugin This is a superinterface for all Container plugins.
EntityCache EntityCaches can work from several keys A cache can use the natural primaryKey from the EJBObject, or DB dependent keys or a proprietary key
EntityPersistenceManager This interface is implemented by any EntityBean persistence managers plugins.
EntityPersistenceStore This interface is implemented by any EntityBean persistence Store.
InstanceCache The plugin that gives a container a cache for bean instances.
InstancePool Interface for bean instance Pools.
InstancePoolContainer This is an interface for Containers that uses InstancePools.
LocalContainerInvoker This is an extension to the ContainerInvoker interface.

Class Summary
Application An Application represents a collection of beans that are deployed as a unit.
AutoDeployer Deprecated. Use org.jboss.deployment.AutoDeployer
BeanLockManager Manages BeanLocks.
CacheKey CacheKey CacheKey is an encapsulation of both the PrimaryKey and a cache specific key This implementation is a safer implementation in the sense that it doesn't rely on the user supplied hashcode and equals.
Container This is the base class for all EJB-containers in JBoss.
ContainerFactory A ContainerFactory is used to deploy EJB applications.
EJBClassLoader URLClassLoader that sets the specified permissions for the loaded classes
EnterpriseContext The EnterpriseContext is used to associate EJB instances with metadata about it.
EntityContainer This is a Container for EntityBeans (both BMP and CMP).
EntityEnterpriseContext The EntityEnterpriseContext is used to associate EntityBean instances with metadata about it.
GlobalTxEntityMap This class provides a way to find out what entities are contained in what transaction.
LocalHomeObjectFactory Based on Scott Stark's NonSerializableObjectFactory:
MessageDrivenContainer MessageDrivenContainer, based on the StatelessSessionContainer.
MessageDrivenEnterpriseContext Context for message driven beans, based on Stateless.
MethodInvocation MethodInvocation This object carries the method to invoke and an identifier for the target ojbect
StatelessSessionContainer StatelessSessionContainer
TxEntityMap This class provides a way to find out what entities of a certain type that are contained in within a transaction.

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