Html2Wml Test Document -- Typical page

This page is supposed to contain most elements that most pages on the Internet usually contain: some CSS, a bit of JavaScript, a table. And some of the end tags are missing in order to test the syntax repair engine of Html2Wml.

This text is not enclosed in a P nor in a DIV tag. It is a child of the BODY element. This is valid in HTML, but won't in WML.

This paragraph contains a link to Html2Wml home page.

This one contains an image. [image of a dog]

Paragraph with a break between the two dashes -
- (this text should be on next line).

This is an incorrect paragraph: it has no closing tag.

This following table is simpler than the previous but has a very ugly HTML code. (And this paragraph is closed twice).


This paragraph is correct, but the bold and italic are inverted (this is BAD).

Just before this paragraph, there was an horizontal rule (HR tag), but here is currently no way to render that.